Environmental quality policy of products

Efforts will be made for the conservation of the environment through the production and marketing of products which do not contain dangerous or polluting substances and the reduccion of resources and waste material aiming at maximizing the impact of our activities.

Our products are efficient and eco friendly.

sustainability policy

We believe in a sustainable business model not only aiming at economic growth, but also at encouraging people’s development and at reducing production environmental impact. In this way, we guarantee balance between business performance and community progress in three aspects: economic, social and environmental.

Our strategy is to contribute to community development through special programs and activities, inspiring and encouraging our employees to get involved in this task.

Additionally, as a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics and home appliances, we try to generate a positive impact on Argentine consumers’ quality of life, always prioritizing the manufacture of products not containing contaminants or hazardous substances, the continuous improvement of energy performance, the acquisition and / or design of products, services and processes which are energy efficient and the reduction of waste generation and / or better use through recovery and / or recycling; all this tending to achieve a continuous improvement in our processes management and performance.