With 28 years of history in Argentina, we are leaders in the tv market, air conditioners, screens, micro wave ovens, audio and ad other small appliances. Our products and services bring technological solutions to customers and users.

Nowadays, we have a staff of over 6,100 employees working in 6 industrial plants and 3 logistics centers, with a wide variety of brands and products, we are placed as the most relevant provider for the retailer sector. In the last 7 years, we have invested more than 300 millions of dollars. The high technology of our plants has taken us to be chosen as a strategic industrial partner for the most well known brands around the world.


We are the leading in Argentina in the production, marketing and distribution of consumer electronics
and home appliances. Our products and services offer technological solutions for a better quality of life.

WE ENCOURAGE dialogue with all our interest groups, always having as our aim the satisfaction of our clients, the growth and commitment of our employees, the creation of utilities and sustainability programmes for our shareholders, the development of our suppliers and the creation of value in the communities in which we operate. Doing so, we help sustainable growth in a comprehensive way.

WE ENSURE excellence of our products and services, basing themselves on the fulfillment of international standards regarding safety, workplace health, environment, energy efficiency and quality, according to standars of Corporate Social Responsibility.

WE AIM TO PROVIDE clients and consumers with value, including products, services and pre and post salesinteractions through different contact points along time. Both clients and consumers are our decision-making priority and therefore we focus our efforts on their overall satisfaction.



Our good performance has granted us recognition from especialized media and business entities.


Our commitment with ongoing improvement.


Although Newsan is not listed on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, from 2010 to date, we have been able to issue debt within a 1.000 MM ARS program to finance capital expenditures, expansion of productive capacity of its manufacturing plants, development of new projects, integration of working capital in the country and financing credit lines for SME customers.

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