October 18, 2022

“Paulina Does Not Cook” a new campaign by Anita & Vega for Atma

In a context where home cooking has increasingly become more relevant, turning into a family engagement activity across Argentine households, consumers require products to serve as key allies, and that is the promise that AtmaMix is here to keep.

As part of its launch and with the help of the Anita & Vega agency, the new campaign created for AtmaMix features closeness and everydayness with users, including Paulina Cocina [Paulina Cooks] as the main character.

“We chose Paulina to make communication stronger, more memorable, and because it was really relevant to our concept: a home appliance for Not cooking. Because if Paulina Does Not Cook, what does she do? That’s what it is all about, the time you can save using AtmaMix”, asserted Anita Ríos, Founder and CCO of Anita & Vega, the agency responsible for creating this campaign.

“As Paulina Cocina followers, we know that she is our perfect ally in everyday life. Similarly, AtmaMix comes to revolutionize the market bringing together different functionalities in a single product to cook a wide range of dishes easily, quickly and efficiently,” states Eugenia Sancholuz, ATMA Brand Manager.

In addition, the campaign produced by Landia and filmed by Agustín Carbonere features the megahit “Joyride” by Roxette as the soundtrack to be on a par with the new robot.

About ATMA

The brand with the most experience in Argentina’s small appliances market was created in the mid-1930s. As a home-related and committed brand, year after year it develops products designed to meet consumer needs. It is a synonym for tradition and reliability. It is also recognized by consumers as an aspirational, functional brand whose design emulates accessibility and massiveness. It offers a wide range of products designed for well-being and comfort, including its white goods, kitchenware, household equipment, refrigeration, air-conditioning and personal care lines.