32 years doing what we like

We offer technology solutions for our consumers and users. We are leaders in the manufacturing, import, marketing and distribution of consumer electronics and home appliances.

We supply the global market exporting seafood and agricultural products to over 70 countries. We are one of the main seafood exporter in the region.

We create value for our stakeholders, clients, suppliers, contractors, employees, communities, and shareholders.

Looking to the Future

Welcome to Newsan

We share our spirit of innovation, passion for technology, and entrepreneurship.

We are leaders in the consumer electronics business, being present in millions of homes through a wide array of highly-regarded and experienced brands of our own, as well as through world-renowned brands.

Through Newsan Food, we supply the global market with Argentine foods, exporting our products to over 70 countries.

Newsan is where passion meets technology: that is why we bring sustainable urban mobility to the present.

All of out actions are aimed at talent development, people’s healthcare, and the promotion of diversity as a factor of competitiveness.

We believe a new way of doing business is possible. We are confident that we can create economic value and generate a social and environmental impact at the same time, thus ensuring the development of a positive business ecosystem.

Through all these years, Newsan has been able to uphold its competitiveness, efficiency and efficacy standards in its endeavors. This wouldn’t have been possible without the trust placed in us by our clients and consumers, shareholders, employees, and suppliers.  To all of them, thank you very much.

Luis GalliCEO & President

which evidence
the way we work.

Our Integrated Management Policy


In 2022 we achieved recognitions that make us proud.


We issue corporate bonds to seek financing for the purposes of investing in fixed assets, increasing the production capacity of our plants, developing new projects, integrating working capital in the country, and financing lines of credit for small and medium businesses (PyMES).

Broad portfolio of leading brands

Network of production technologies,
logistics, distribution, and
aftersales service.

7 industrial

3 logistic and
distribution centers.

Over 8,100 associates
and employees.

Export to +70 countries