Our Commitment to Gender Equity


We know that gender gaps in the workplace exist, and they are a reality that we choose to address and transform.
At Newsan, we have decided to be agents of change. This is how +WOMEN was born: A program that motivates us to keep working for the participation, permanence, leadership and growth of people who identify with the female gender.
We want more and more women to access and take part in the Argentine industry and in Newsan, so that every single one of them can choose where she wants to be.

Violence-Free Workplace

At Newsan, we prohibit all types of violence. In response to the increase of gender-based violence both in the country and globally, we have developed a “Gender-based Violence Prohibition Protocol” for our company, which we have made available to other companies and organizations.

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Join a community in action that dialogues, learns and shares experiences to build a fairer and more inclusive society.

VIERNES 12/MAR – 14:00 HS.

14:00 HS.

Silvia Bacher’s interview with Melina Masnatta, an inspiring woman who seeks to empower women’s leadership.


Silvia Bacher
Periodista. Directora de Las Otras Voces. Asociación Civil
Melina Masnatta
Emprendedora Social en temas de Tecnología Educativa y Diversidad


Rewatch the issue of Newsan Talks for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, where we talked about how to prevent, guide, address and eradicate gender-based violence within organizations.


Alba Rueda
Subsecretaria de Políticas de Diversidad | Min. de Mujeres, Género y Diversidad
Andrea Gualde
Directora de Asuntos Jurídicos e Institucionales | Farmacity


Marcela Cominelli
Gerenta de Relaciones Institucionales | Newsan


Paola Argento
Líder de Diversidad | YPF
Silvana Mondino,
Advisor en Diversidad, Inclusión e Innovación






If you believe you are experiencing gender-based violence,
make yourself heard.

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