Community development

Win – Win

What is good for the community, is good for us.

We generate shared value and want it to have a positive impact on the community.

Newsan’s export operations generate employment for more than 3,000 workers and small local producers.

The development of our regional economies empowerment program has allowed over 3,000 small producers to reconvert so as to be able to export their products to the world in compliance with international standards, thus integrating them into the international production system.

Inclusive Businesses

A better FUTURE begins with INCLUSION.

NEWSAN IN is the first after-sales service with social impact in the region. It is a training setting for people excluded from the labor market, with a focus on people under the age of 25, trans people and people over the age of 45, all of whom come from vulnerable communities and have a low educational background.

It all starts with a training journey of more than 380 hours, where the beneficiaries acquire the skills necessary to repair electronic products and manage their own business. Once the training stage finishes, the company aids the participants in the process of setting up their own business.

Today, there are five production units already formed around NEWSAN IN.