Diversity and inclusion

We believe that we all have the power to change the status quo if we use our voice.

Diversity is part of our daily work. We promote talent and value each person’s individuality. This makes us more innovative and creative.

“Innovation never appears when working alone. It happens when we work together, valuing our individualities. The best way to make the world work is with everyone inside and nobody outside”.

Marcela CominelliPublic and Legal Affairs Manager

Diversity as competitive advantage

Having diverse teams allows us to have different ways of seeing the world and perceiving business. We manage diversity through the design, implementation and execution of actions that promote respect for all people, ensuring equal opportunities, equity and inclusion.

Please see our “Guide to Rethinking our Communication”

By fostering an inclusive and diverse communication, we ensure that everyone is benefited and identified. We invite you to be an agent of change and work for a society where everyone is included.

We create and promote violence-free spaces

We designed and implemented a “Protocol of action in cases of gender-based violence” and a “Protocol of action in cases of violence against people from the LGBTIQ+ community” and developed the complaint management process focusing on the individual.

These protocols are available for any organization to download them for free and adapt them to their own processes.

Inclusion of trans people in the labor market

We are taking our first steps in terms of labor inclusion of people from the trans community. Through an interdisciplinary team of Newsan and with the help of experts in the subject, we have gone through our processes from end to end, training the internal and external public involved in each step.

Learn more about our commitment to gender equity