Environmental awareness
knows no limits

Our challenge is to protect natural resources throughout the value chain so as to leave the world better than we found it.

Eco-friendly products

We are part of the solution

New generations are increasingly demanding more environmental commitment from us, and at Newsan we are aware of this. Therefore, a strategic axis of sustainability is the preservation of the environment and a circular economy throughout the value chain.

We manage resources from the manufacturing of our products, which means:

● Fewer resources and wasted materials, and reinsertion into the production process
● Products free of hazardous or polluting substances
● Energy efficiency and ISO 50.001 certifications in the Ushuaia plants

Utilizan gas refrigerante
amigable con el entorno natural.

Libre de sustancias nocivas
para el ambiente.

Son las de menor consumo
energético del mercado local.

Environmental awareness

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable, 100% paper pulp-based, biodegradable and pollutant-free materials.

We are one of the few Argentine companies with a plant completely dedicated to the recycling of materials.

We reuse 96% of our waste from the production process, converting it back into supplies and reinserting it into the production chain up to three times.


Inspiring every employee and their families

We are agents of change

Green Office

In 2016, we created the Green Office (Oficina Verde) program to promote responsible waste management in the offices, starting with the conscious use of water, energy and paper.
We compost organic waste for the maintenance of green spaces together with Fundación Chacras de Buenos Aires and their “Guardians of the Environment.” And we separate and recycle waste through the Bella Flor Cooperative.

Green House

The pandemic did not stop us, and so Green House (Casa Verde) was born: an environmental education program that invites us to be agents of change, with workshops, training and challenges to make our homes a more sustainable place.
Through our collaborators, we seek to promote environmental and responsible consumption behaviors and habits, for a fairer, more balanced and sustainable world.